DPR Construction Pioneers First Net Zero EcoPod as Part of Office Pod Revolution

DPR Construction Pioneers First Net Zero EcoPod as Part of Office Pod Revolution

DPR Construction is at the forefront of a nationwide environmental trend with their newest project: economical mobile office pods. Recycled shipping containers have made headlines in recent months for their inventive uses including mobile offices. These portable workspaces surrounded by greenery or tucked into outdoor space not suitable for buildings have appealed to many businesses however a net zero office container had yet to be developed. The DPR Project Engineer group collaborated on the design and BIM model for the project and completed the EcoPod this summer.
“Being green is no longer a novelty,” said Jay Leopold, Regional Manager of DPR Construction. “The crucial importance of building sustainable structures is now widely recognized. It’s the right decision for the environment, and for businesses too.”
The EcoPod focuses on renewable energy with four solar panels per rooftop which provide over 1,500 watts of energy per day. All windows are operational, reducing the need for electrical lighting or mechanical ventilation and large doors allow for an open environment that takes advantage of San Diego weather. The pods use low-VOC paints, stains and interior finishes donated by Sherwin Williams Paint to provide excellent indoor air quality.

When electric lighting is required, a Smart LED System and Solar Star Ventilation system donated by Solatube are used. This technology utilizes LED lighting built into a diffuser which reads light input into the space. Once the light input drops below 10 foot-candles (overcast day or non-daylight hours) the LED lights automatically turn on. Each EcoPod also features a mechanical unit to control temperature if needed.

DPR Construction would like to thank Solatube, Dynalectric, Sherwin Williams Paint, Alex Gomez Painting Contractor, Linex, Eco Stud and Power Secure Solar for providing supplies and services for this project.

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