We Plan. You Approve.

Chemistry PR’s trademark process is something we call RelationSteps


Goals Set

Looking into your past helps us see future opportunities. By meeting with your team members and conducting a thorough audit of previous programs, we can set the foundation for greater results.


Insights Fuel

Better to work from what you know, than what you think you know. Market and competitive analysis gives us a better understanding of who your audience is and how best to reach them with your messages.


Plans Initiate

This is where knowledge turns to action. Collaborative planning sessions ensure that strategies, tactics and messages are aligned with your brand vision and goals.


Everything Aligns

A strong strategic plan always leaves room for inspiration, the unexpected idea that can make a difference for your company.


Action Sparks

One team is better than two. Chemistry PR’s team will become an extension of yours, working closely together to achieve your goals.


Success Quantifies

Just as important as setting clear PR goals is the ability to measure progress. We work with you to determine what analytical tools will be most effective in gauging success.

“The team at Chemistry PR are dynamic and consummate professionals, and as a result of their strategic approach to expanding outreach and laser-focused attention to the unique needs of our organization, they have been pivotal in raising our profile in the community we serve!”

– Verna Griffin-Tabor

CEO, Center for Community Solutions

Chemistry PR’s trademark is a process we call RelationSteps

The Chemistry PR team makes things happen. Our approach begins with a deep and personal understanding of your business and goals, leading to a strategic plan and results-minded execution on a local, regional, and national level. Our social PR, partnerships and creativity fuel our close-knit team and get your business success