RelationSteps | Chemistry PR
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Chemistry PR’s trademark is a process we call RelationSteps

This begins with a deep and personal understanding of your business and goals, leading to a strategic plan based on
this knowledge and culminating in results-minded execution on a local, regional or national level.


  • Looking into your past helps us see future opportunities. By meeting with your team members and conducting a thorough audit of previous programs, we can set the foundation for greater results.


  • Better to work from what you know, than what you think you know. Market and competitive analysis gives us a better understanding of who your audience is and how best to reach them with your messages.


  • This is where knowledge turns to action. Collaborative planning sessions ensure that strategies, tactics and messages are aligned with your brand vision and goals.


  • A strong strategic plan always leaves room for inspiration, the unexpected idea that can make a difference for your company.


  • One team is better than two. Chemistry PR’s team will become an extension of yours, working closely together to achieve your goals.


  • Just as important as setting clear PR goals is the ability to measure progress. We work with you to determine what analytical tools will be most effective in gauging success.