10 Pandemic-friendly Content Ideas for Hotels & Resorts | Chemistry PR
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10 Pandemic-friendly Content Ideas for Hotels & Resorts

10 Pandemic-friendly Content Ideas for Hotels & Resorts

Chemistry PR Founder & CEO, Audrey Doherty, recently participated on a San Diego Tourism Authority social media panel along with Alex Adler, Taquero & Co-Founder of Puesto, and Brent Bernasconi, Social Media Manager at the San Diego Tourism Authority.

The challenge? How can hotels, resorts and other hospitality brands keep their followers engaged while we’re social distancing? For her part, Audrey discussed the keys to creating an impactful (and sensitive) content strategy and ideas for meaningful, inspirational and forward-looking content.

Below is a top line look at Audrey’s Top 10 ideas for optimal social media engagement until we can travel again. If you’d like more ideas or to set up a complimentary consultation with Audrey Doherty and the Chemistry PR team to learn how to #socialyourpr, reach out to info@chemistrypr.com.

    1. Food and cocktail recipes
    2. Behind-the-scenes
    3. Live Facebook and Instagram live events with experts, influencers and partner
    4. The “meaning” of travel
    5. Virtual and at-home experience
    6. Experiment with TikTok and maximize new features on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and Spotify
    7. Develop and share collaborations with like-minded brands and influencers
    8. Creative programming and promotions
    9. Ask me anything
    10. Preparing for reopening